How to care for Aga Be-You-Tiful clothing:

How to get out of stains;

Don't let the stain stay on the fabric too long. Immediately address it while the stain is still fresh. Treat the stain with cornstarch for about 5 minutes, wipe it out and soak the skirt or dress in cold water before using a stain remover, specifically designed for delicate fabrics. Make sure that the formula of the stain remover product does not contain a bleach. After pre-treating, hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.

How to wash and dry;

We recommend hand wash in cold or warm water with a detergent made for delicate clothing. Hang or lay it on a thick towel to dry.

How to iron;

Iron if necessary. However, while ironing, protect the satin clothing from direct iron's heat by placing the cotton fabric or any other lightweight material on top of the satin skirt/dress. Set the iron at a low or SILK setting.