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Aga Be-You-TIful atelier, headquartered in New York, offers high quality custom-made tango clothing for discerning dancers who want effortless, elegant, and well-made tango wear.

How to measure your shoe size


Here are some tips how to measure your feet to figure out the correct size of your MONO shoes. We will ask you to follow these 5 easy steps when you place a custom made shoe order.

Please follow the instruction below:

1. Tape the piece of paper down to a hard floor surface.
2. With bare feet sit with one of your feet firmly on the piece of paper that you perviously placed on the floor.
With a pencil, trace the outline of your foot. Make sure the pencil is resting snugly against your foot as you draw around it. It is easier to have someone else trace your foot if at all possible.
3. With the outline you drew in step 2 use your pen or pencil to draw a straight line on the four outermost points: top, bottom, outside, inside
4. Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom line to the top line that you drew in step three. Write this number down.
5. Some people will need a narrow or wide shoe.  This step will help you to determine the width of your foot.
Measure the width of your foot by using your measuring tape or ruler to measure from the line on one side of your tracing, to the line on the other side. Write this number down.